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Double Bend

Mark Thomas Double Bend

A good wine develops its real character in a proper glass. But an exceptional wine needs an exceptional glass!  A glass like the MARKTHOMAS Double Bend, which is handcrafted, mouth blown and of the highest quality.  Our thin-walled, yet elegant wine glasses present the character and balance of fine wines much better than machine-made glasses. And just as each of us has certain preferences for certain wines, we also prefer a glass that supports our personal enjoyment of wine, and in the best possible manner.

The delicate rim of our glassware makes them a pleasure to drink from, and also stimulates our sensory receptors in the process. The double bend shape, with its characteristic “two bends” allows for the optimal surface area and efficient aeration of the wine.  And with ideal tapering of the glass to its rim, it enhances both the concentration of aromas and the bouquet of the wine when tasting.

The stem is thin and of an optimal length, which encourages daily use of Double Bend glasses in both the hospitality industry, as well as in private homes and cellars.  Indeed, it is a handcrafted luxury item, but with the goal of bringing this luxury to life.

The characteristic shape of our glassware, influenced by the sensory enhancing form of its double bend design, is timeless.  It is modern design with – and in the truest sense of the word – “corners and edges.”  Elegant, unique, confident.

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