DOUBLE BEND. The conical shape of the glass actually enhances the “flow behavior” of the wine. The first “bend” helps optimize the release of aromas, creating a perfect shape for the proper swirling and aerating of the wine.   The area above the second “bend” then helps to concentrate the released aromas towards both nose and palate. One can easily recognize the difference the glass makes, by exposing the unique characteristics of the wine, and thereby optimizing its enjoyment for the consumer.

To ensure stability, the base (“foot”) of the glass has a larger diameter than is usual, as well as an optimized length of its stem.  And each glass is fully intended for daily use in one’s life, despite the presence of unbelievably thin walls and a uniquely “weightless” feel for the glassware. 

The Double Bend product line includes “Allround,” “Red” and “Sweet” wine glasses,  as well as elegant decanters and classically shaped water glasses.

Traditional craftsmanship

Once the shape and unique proportions were finally determined on the drawing board, the technical production challenges for the first MARKTHOMAS prototype began. The special double bend shape demands the skills of glassblowers having the greatest abilities and expertise, in order to produce glasses of absolute precision and quality.  In 2015, the first perfect Double Bend Allround glass was born.

From production, through quality assurance and final shipment, every MARKTHOMAS glass must pass through multiple “hands” before acceptance.  And each MARKTHOMAS glass is,  by definition, unique.

Since its inception, MARKTHOMAS glasses have been produced by this traditional, handcrafting process.  In sharp contrast to machine-made products, we believe the individual work ethic of the glass artisans helps to infuse MARKTHOMAS glasses with their unique character, and – one can imagine – their soul.


In addition to their elegance and aesthetics, other essential properties of the glassware from MARKTHOMAS are both their suitability and practicality for use on a daily basis.

Despite its incredibly thin wall thickness, it is a glass with enhanced durability and stability. And because lead oxide is not added during production, MARKTHOMAS glasses will not lose their clarity, even after frequent dishwasher use.

Thus, with proper handling and care, MARKTHOMAS glasses are truly “a luxury item for everyday use.”