Enjoyment & individuality

The glass series from MARKTHOMAS reflects a combination of traditional European handicraft skills – based on centuries of knowledge and experience – with modern, innovative design. Our goal is to help provide an elevated wine experience – sought by wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike – with our mouth blown, handcrafted glassware. Simultaneously, we also promote a glassmaking culture of unique, individual design; perhaps converting one’s table setting into a work of art in the process.

We are guided by a clear, yet distinct conviction:  exceptional wines demand exceptional glassware.


As a wine enthusiast and connoisseur, and through my professional experience in the international wine business, working directly with top international restaurants and hotels – I began to recognize the increasing interest and demand for high-quality wine glasses worldwide.

In 2014, encouraged by experts and colleagues in London, as well as my friend Mark Huber, I sought to create something new that was “not just another glassware product,” but rather, the realization of an idea:  a perfect, unmistakable wine glass.

I was primarily guided by my intense review of the true functionality of the glass, and less concerned with the actual design. And after numerous draft drawings and initial prototypes, I developed a completely new and unique shape, which gives my glassware their name: Double Bend. It is a shape that enables the perfect enjoyment of wine, through the direct enhancement of its characteristics.

Double Bend stands for innovative, bold design which is timeless, intriguing and elegant.

MARKTHOMAS (co-founded with Mark Huber) is a family business that is motivated by the fascination and cultural relationship with the finest glassware and fine wine.

Thank you for your interest.  

Thomas Zichtl